English Competition : News Reading Text (semi final round)



Good morning.

This is the morning news report and this is … with the English News Service bringing you the latest report from home and around the world.

1)    The death toll from the ongoing cold snap in Central and Eastern Europe has risen to more than 100.


2)    President SusiloBambangYudhoyono,hoisted the touring FIFA World Cup trophy hope that the event would inspire the national soccer team.


Most of the deaths have occurred in Poland and Ukraine, where 65  homeless people have died from exposureover the last week as temperatures have fallen to -30°C.

In many Ukrainian cities the authorities have erected heated tents with hot tea and food.Outdoor coal braziers have been placed beside bus stops in Polish cities.

The extremely cold weather is forecast to continue for the next week. Rising demand for gas has led Ukraine to increase its imports from Russia, and Poland to introduce rationing to some industrial plants, due to fears that stocks will run out.

President SusiloBambangYudhoyono, hopes that the touring FIFA World Cup event would inspire the national soccer team. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour is being held ahead of the 2014 World Cup, which will kick off in Brazil in June. The trophy made its stop at the Presidential Palace, usheredby FIFA ambassador and former captain of the Trinidad and Tonational team Dwight Yorke.

Jakarta is the 57th stopover on the trophy’s nine-month journey across 88 countries. The trophy will be displayed at the Jakarta Convention Center on Wednesday before being taken to Chile. “The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour gives many Indonesians the chance to experience the magic of the World Cup.Yudhoyonosaid  thatHopefully, this will encourage Indonesia to build a stronger national team so that one day the team might compete in the World Cup final rounds.

That’s all for this morning’s News, thank you verymuch for the attention. Goodbye.


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