A phone conversation

Conversation 1
Rama is calling Andreta to invite her to the movie.
Rama : Oh hi, Andre. It’s Rama here.
Andreta : Oh hi. How are you?
Rama : Fine thanks. Listen. I’ve got a couple tickets for the new Brad Pitt’s film. Would you like to come?
Andreta : Oh, thanks. But I’m working on an essay. I have to finish it tonight because it’s due tomorrow.
Rama : Oh, what a pity. Well, never mind. Some other time perhaps.
Andreta : Sure.
Rama : Bye.
Andreta : Bye.

Conversation 2.
Tika : Hi, Nasha. Tika’s speaking.
Nasha : Oh hi, Tika. How are you?
Tika : Good. Thank you. Tika, would you come to my
sister’s party tomorrow?
Nasha : Sure, I will. What time is the party?
Tika : 7 p.m.
Nasha : That’s great. Any special dress code?
Tika : No. See you.
Nasha : See you. Thanks for calling.

Converation 3.
Wahyu : Hello, Lutfi. It’s Wahyu. How are you?
Lutfi : Hi, Wahyu. Fine. Thanks.
Wahyu : Lut, would you like to drop in after class?
Lutfi : I’d like to, but I have to be home before 3.Next time.
Wahyu : Ok. Bye.
Lutfi : Bye.

Conversation 4
Cici : Hello, Mira. It’s Cici.
Mira : Hi, Ci. How are you?
Cici : Fine. Thanks. How about you?
Mira : Very well. Thank you. Ci, I’ll have my birthday party next weekend. Could you come?
Cici : Oh, so sorry. My family and I plan to visit my uncle in Surabaya.
Mira : What a pity! But, it’s OK.
Cici : Sorry Mira.

Make a short coversation based on the situation.
1.Bintang and Ronny are classmates. Bintang tries to phone Ronny to ask him to join an English Storytelling competition on Sunday, March, 29th at 8 am. The location is at SMPN 119 Jalan Merapi no 5. When she phones, Ronny is out. Ana, Ronny’s sister, answers the phone.

2.Lina tries to phone her father in his office. When she phones him, his secretary answers the phone and tells her that he is out of the office.
She asks his secretary to tell him that her mother is sick at home and needs to go to hospital as soon as possible.

3. Your friend asks you to go with him/her to the mall. You have to take care of your baby brother because your parents are not home.
4. You call your friend and ask her/him to go with you to see a new movie. She/he agrees



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