Some examples of narrative Text :


A long long time ago in West Sumatra, there was a fisherman and his wife who lived in a village by the sea.   They had only one son.  His name was Malin Kundang.  They lived a simple life because as a fisherman the husband did not earn much money.  Life got harder for Malin and his mother when his father did not return from the sea.  Perhaps a storm had swollen his boat or maybe a big fish attacked him.  Day by day  passed and they kept waiting for him.  But Malin’s father never returned.  So little Malin had to help her mother sold cookies in a local market.

One day there was a big ship came to the beach of their village.  It was a merchant ship.  Everybody came to see it including Malin.  He was very impressed by what he saw.  Hoping to change his life he applied for a job and he was lucky.  He was recruited by the ship owner.  Then Malin left his mother and his village.

Many years gone by without any news from Malin.  Malin’s mother missed him so much.  Everyday she looked at the sea, hoping to see Malin came home.  She always prayed to God that Malin become a successful merchant.  Then God heard her pray.

On a beautiful day there was a big ship came to the beach.  Many people came there to see it.  Malin’s mother was expectant.  She was sure that it was Malin’s ship.  So she hurriedly came to the beach.  When she was there she asked someone that she wanted to see the owner of the ship.  Then a lovely lady met her.  She wore a luxurious dress and jewellry.  She was Malin’s wife.

‘Is Malin Kundang here?’

“Do you know Malin?”

‘Yes, of course I know him,  he’s my son!’

‘But Malin told me he had no mother.  She passed away a long time ago’.

Malin’s mother was very surprised to hear her answer.  Then Malin came.  Her wife asked him.

‘This poor woman said that you are his son’

Malin Kundang who had became a rich merchant and had a wife from a rich family was ashame with his mother who looked poor.  He denied his humble background.  So when her mother hugged him he repelled her.

‘Malin, my son, I miss you so much’.

‘Who are you? I am not your son’.

Malin’s mother was was crying.  She was really irritated.  Her heart was deeply hurt.  Then she prayed to God.  And she cursed Malin.

Suddenly there was a storm.  The sea was raging.  Big wave came and Malin’s ship was rushed ashore and destroyed.  And Malin suddenly changed into a stone statue.  Today people can see Malin’s statue in Teluk Bayur beach in west Sumatra.  When there is a storm or rain people often hear someone’s crying.  They believe it is Malin’s cry.


Long time ago in the island of Java there was a kingdom of Kediri.  The king was Raden Putra.  He was a rich and powerful king.  He liked cock fighting.  One of his wives told him that the queen had put poison in his food.  The king was very angry.  Without thinking deeply and without checking this information,    he immediately ordered his soldiers to bring the queen to a wood and kill her.  Soon the soldiers took her to the wood.  But when they were there the soldiers took a pity on her.  They did not want to kill her because she was a kind and wise queen and at that time she was pregnant.  So they built a house and let the queen live there.  Then they brought back to palace a deer’s heart to show the king that they had killed her.

Several months later the queen gave birth to a baby boy.  He was a healthy and handsome boy.  His name was Cinde Laras.  Then he grew up to be a strong and smart boy.  He liked to go to the wood.  One day he found an egg.  He brought it home and then  when it hatched it became a cock.  Like his father,  Cinde Laras like cock fighting.  He often went to neighboring villages to play cock fighting.  His cock was a strong cock so it won all fight.  He became famous.  Everybody in the whole kingdom knew him and his cock.

Finally the news of Cinde Laras and his cock reached the king.  He invited Cinde Laras to palace for a cock fight.  So Cinde Laras came to the palace.  In a fight his cock could easily beat the king’s cock.  Everybody was surprised.  They were even more surprised when Cinde Laras’ cock crowed.  It was a strange crow.

‘Cockledodo,  I am the cock of Cinde Laras, who lived in the wood, the son of Raden Putra’.

The king was very surprised.  He questioned Cinde Laras immediately.  Cinde Laras told him that he was the son of the queen who now lived in the wood.  After that the king went to see the queen in the wood.  She told him that she was a victim of palace politics.

The King regretted his unwise decision.  Then he brought them back to palace and he  punished to his evil wife.  Later on Cinde Laras would replace him as the king of Kediri.


Long time ago in the island of Java, Indonesia, lived a couple of farmer.  They had married for some years but they had no children.  So they prayed to a monster called Buta Ijo to give them children.  Buta Ijo was a ferocious and powerful monster.  He granted their wish on one condition.  When their children had grown up, they had to sacrifice them to Buta Ijo.  He liked eating fresh meat of human being.  The farmers agreed to his condition.  Several months later the wife was pregnant.

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  They named her Timun Emas.  The farmers were happy.  Timun Emas was very healthy and a very smart girl.  She was also very diligent. When she was a teenager Buta Ijo came to their house.  Timun Emas was frightened so she ran away to hide.  The farmers then told Buta Ijo that Timun Emas was still a child.  They asked him to postpone.  Buta Ijo agreed.  He promised to come again.  The following year Buta Ijo came again.  But again and again their parents said that Timun Emas was still a child.

When the third time Buta Ijo came their parents had prepared something for him.  They gave Timun Emas several bamboo needles, seeds of cucumber, dressing and salt.

‘Timun, take these things’

‘What are these things?’

‘These are your weapons.  Buta Ijo will chase you.  He will eat you alive.  So run as fast as you can.  And if he will catch you spread this to the ground.  Now go!’

Timun Emas was scared so she ran as quickly as she could.  When Buta Ijo arrived she was far from home.  He was very angry when he realized that his prey had left.  So he ran to chase her.  He had a sharp nose so he knew what direction his prey ran.

Timun Emas was just a girl while Buta Ijo was a monster so he could easily catch her up.  When he was just several steps behind Timun Emas quickly spread the seeds of cucumber.  In seconds they turned into many vines of cucumber.  The exhausted Buta Ijo was very thirsty so he grabbed and ate them.  When Buta Ijo was busy eating cucumber Timun Emas could run away.

But soon Buta Ijo realized and started running again.  When he was just several steps behind Timun Emas threw her bamboo needles.   Soon they turned into dense bamboo trees. Buta Ijo found it hard to pass.  It took him some time to break the dense bamboo forest.  Meanwhile Timun Emas could run farther.

Buta Ijo chased her again.  When he almost catch her again and again Timun Emas threw her dressing.  This time it turned into a lake.  Buta Ijo was busy to save himself so Timun Emas ran way.  But Buta Ijo could overcome it and continued chasing her.

Finally when Timun Emas was almost caught she threw her salt.  Soon the land where Buta Ijo stood turned into ocean.  Buta Ijo was drowned and died instantly.

Timun Emas was thankful to god and came back to her home.


Once upon a time in west Java, Indonesia lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Dayang Sumbi. She liked weaving very much. Once she was weaving a cloth when one of her tool fell to the ground. She was very tired at the time so she was too lazy to take it. Then she just shouted outloud.

‘Anybody there? Bring me my tool. I will give you special present. If you are female, I will consider you as my sister. If you are male, I will marry you’

Suddenly a male dog, its name was Tumang, came. He brought her the falling tool. Dayang Sumbi was very surprised. She regretted her words but she could not deny it. So she had to marry Tumang and leave her father. Then they lived in a small village. Several months later they had a son. His name was Sangkuriang. He was a handsome and healthy boy.

Sangkuriang liked hunting very much. He often went hunting to the wood using his arrow. When he went hunting Tumang always with him. In the past there were many deer in Java so Sangkuriang often hunted for deer.

One day Dayang Sumbi wanted to have deer’s heart so she asked Sangkuriang to hunt for a deer. Then Sangkuriang went to the wood with his arrow and his faithful dog Tumang. But after several days in the wood Sangkuriang could not find any deer. They were all disappeared. Sangkuriang was exhausted and desperate. He did not want to disappoint her mother so he killed Tumang. He did not know that Tumang was his father. At home he gave Tumang’s heart to her mother.

But Dayang Sumbi knew that it was Tumang’s heart. She was so angry that she could not control her emotion. She hit Sangkuriang at his head. Sangkuriang was wounded. There was a scar in his head. She also repelled her son. Sangkuriang left her mother in sadness.

Many years passed and Sangkuriang became a strong young man. He wandered everywhere. One day he arrived at his own village but he did not realized it. There he met Dayang Sumbi. At the time Dayang Sumbi was given an eternal beauty by God so she stayed young forever. Both of them did not know each other. So they fell in love and then they decided to marry.

But then Dayang Sumbi recognized a scar on his Sangkuriang’s head. She knew that Sangkuriang was his son. It was impossible for them to marry. She told him but he did not believe her. He wished that they marry soon. So Dayang Sumbi gave a very difficult condition. She wanted Sangkuriang to build a lake and a boat in one night! She said she needed that for honeymoon.

Sangkuriang agreed. With the help of genie and spirits Sangkuriang tried to build them. By midnight he had finished the lake by building a dam in Citarum river. Then he started building the boat. It was almost dawn when he nearly finished it. Meanwhile Dayang Sumbi kept watching on them. She was very worried when she knew this. So she made lights in the east. Then the spirits thought that it was already dawn. It was time for them to leave. They left Sangkuriang alone. Without their help he could not finish the boat.

Sangkuriang was very angry. He kicked the boat. Then the boat turned out to be Mount Tangkuban Perahu. It means boat upside down. From a distant it looks like a boat upside down.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu


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