Remedial UTS Kelas 8 Siang




Read the text, and answer questions 1 to 3

Seller  :  May I help you, miss ?

Rita     :  I need a wallet

Seller   : Of course miss, here they are, we have    

               Two kinds

               Which one do you like, the big or small    


  Rita   :   Wait a moment, please !

                I’ll buy this big wallet . It is nice. What

                Do you think , Anne ?        

 Anni   : Well, It is beautiful  but I think it is too

                Big . It isn’t simple

  Rita     : What do you mean ?

  Anni   : You can’t put it in the pocket.

                Don’t you think so ?

  Rita     : You are right


1.  Why did Anne suggest Rita to buy the small


A. It is nice                  c.  It is too big

B. It is beautiful          d.  It is simple


2. “ What do you think ?”

    The underlined sentence asking for . . .

A . help                           c. information

b. agreement                d. opinion

3.From dialogue above we know that Anni is . . .

a. offering help               c. giving opinion

b. having opinion           d. sending information


Read the text, and answer questions 4 to 5

Ferina   : Hello

Enric o   : Could I speak to Ferina, please ?

Ferina   : Yes, I’m speaking

Enrico   : Oh, hello, this is Enrico.

Ferina   : Hi, Enrico, how’s life ?

Enric o   : Just fine thanks. Ferine I was

                 wondering.   You could go out for

                 dinner tonight

Ferina   : Oh, I’d love to. Pick up then.

Enric o   : Ok. I’ll pick you up at six.

                 Thanks a lot Ferina, and see you.

Ferina   : See you


4.Where will Ferina and Enrico be tonight ?

a. At home                  c. At the school

b. At the restaurant   d. At the movie



5.How does the conversation happen ?

a. By letter                 c. By telephone

b. By SMS                   d. By e-mail


Read the text, and answer questions 6 to 8

Students’ Organization

SMP Tarungga  jl. Mawar no. 38

Jakarta 12763 Telp. [o21] 7719690


To  : Jion

We invite you to attend our meeting. It will be held :

          On Saturday, August 14, 2009

          At 08.00 am

          In the school hall

Agenda: Final preparation for wall magazine competition 2009.

Please come on time. See you there


Rezon                                     Diane

Secretary                            Chairperson




6.When will the meeting be held ?

a. In the evening               c .In the morning

b. In the afternoon            d. At night


7.We invite you to attend our meeting. The word ‘attend’ in the text above is similar to . . .

a. be punctual in               c. be ready with

b. be present at                d. be happy with


8. What is the purpose of the text above ?

A .To give information about the meeting    

b. To prepare the wall magazine

c. To hold the competition

d. To invite to come to the meeting





9.The notice above means that the thing inside is . . . for children

a.  dangerous                        c.  horrible

b.  important                        d.  useful


Read the text, answer questions  10 to 13

Last weekend we went to the countryside to have a picnic . We made some sandwiches to take with us for lunch. We left quite early before there was too much traffic. After about two hours we came to a nice place, it was near the river, with some large trees beside it ,so we parked the car under the trees and went for a swim. It was a very hot day and the water was clear and fresh. After having a swim we have lunch in a cool place under the trees. Then we went for a walk. We saw some beautiful birds and butterflies. After for about an hour we returned to the car. But we couldn’t get the car to start. We checked the oil and petrol, but the car wouldn’t start. Finally we got the car to start by pushing it. We were very tired but we felt happy. It was a great holiday.


10.What does the text talk about ?

A . Swimming in clear and fresh water

b.  Having picnic in the countryside

c.  Enjoying beautiful butterflies

d.  Pushing the car on holiday


11.. . . it was near the river, with some large trees beside it. [ line 5 ].The word ‘ it ‘ refers to . . .

a.  the river                        c. the nice place

b.  the tree                        d .the lunch


12.We checked  the oil and the petrol, but the   car . .

The underlined word is almost similar to . . .

A .look at                          c .glance

b. examine                      d. stare


13.How many activities did the writer do at the picnic area ?

A .two                              c .four

B .three                           d. five




14.The notice above tells us that walking on the

grass is . . .

a. allowed                       c. prohibited

b. suggested                  d. advised


 15. And don’thoneyto tidyroom clean 

          1         2            3             4              5            6       


        7            8

The best arrangement of the jumbled words is . . .

a. 3 8 1 6 2 4 7 5                   c. 6 8 1 2 4 7 5 3

b. 3 2 8 4 1 6 7 5                   d. 6 7 2 5 8 1 4 3


Read the text and answer  questions 16 to 17

Dear Tiur,

You are invited to :

Occasion              : Birthday party

Date                      : March 27, 2009

Time                      : 07.00 pm

Place                     : At my house

I am looking forward to your coming





16.  What is Maludin’s purpose to write such kind of the text ?

a.  To describe her birthday party

b.  To ask Tiur to look at her party

c.  To give information to Tiur how to come to

      her house  

d.   To invite Tiur to come to her birthday party                    


17. Where will the party be held ?

 a.  At Tiur’s house                   c. At my house

 b.  At Maludin’s house            d. At your house


Read the text and answer question 18 to 20

Dear Dian,

Why don’t we go and see the rock concert tomorrow evening ?

Let’s meet at Lebak Bulus station at 5 pm, ok ?




18.What kind of text is it ?

 a.  announcement         c. notice

 b.  message                    d. advertisement


19. Lidya wants to . . .

 a. see the rock concert with Dian

 b. ask Dian to see the rock concert

 c. make sure that the rock concert is good

 d. tell Dian that there is a rock concert tomorrow


20. Let’s meet at Lebak Bulus station at 5 pm.

    The  sentence above express . . .

    a.asking something         c. offering something

    b. refusing                        d. suggestion


21. Aldi  : Will you join us going to the 

                   Mountain ?

      Ari      : . . . the weather is not so good


a.       I’m not sure            c. I’m not ready

b.      I’m not keen on it  d. I’m not favor of it

22. Linda : Oh my God ! I . . . my wallet

       Denny : What a pity !   Let’s find it !

a.       Get                    c. lose

b.      Got                    d. lost

23. Munir  : Wow, the weather is so hot. I

                      Can’t stand it.

       Elyza      : That’s right. . . .

                       I’ll take it for you.

       Munir  : Thanks, that’s very kind of you

a.       Can you drink  

b.      May I have some drink

c.       Would you like some drink

d.      Could you take some drink


24. Yunita : Would you like a glass of orange

                      Juice ?

       Johan   : . . . It must be nice this time

       Yunita  : OK. Wait a moment

a.       No, thank you       c. Yes , please

      b   I’m sorry                  d. I don’t think so


. Study the price list of the following items

       And complete the statement given

       Andri’s pen     : Rp   45.000

      Susi’s pen         : Rp 124.000

      Soni’s pen         : Rp 250.000

      Misako’s pen    : Rp  75.000

  25.  Soni’s pen is . . .

 a. as cheap as Susi’s       c. the cheapest of all   b. cheaper than Misako’s  d. the most expensive


 26. Susi’s pen is . . .

       a. cheaper than Andri’s pen

       b. more expensive than Soni’s pen

       c. cheaper than Soni’s pen

       d. the most expensive of all


 27. I really enjoyed my vacation last January . While

        I . . .  on the beach, Andi was swimming  in the


        a.walk                               c. walked

        b. was walking                 d. have walked


 28. Rika   : Can you help me to get some food ?

        Santi  : Yes , of course

        The italicized words is an expression of . . .

        A .request                           c. agreement

        b. permission                     d. invitation


   For questions 29, arranged the jumbled sentence

   In to good order

    29.  . . .

      1. The mouse was dishonest but the frog was


      2. A mouse and a frog had always been fighting

          With each other over who sould be the master

          Of a piece of land

      3. It flew down quickly and carried them off with

          Its powerful claws

      4. What a good meal they would make, said the


      5. One day the frog challenged the mouse to fight

          In the wet field

      6. The two animals made spears out of a water

          Plant for the fight

  7. While they were fighting a hungry eagle saw


     The best arrangement of the jumbled

      Sentence above is . . .              

     a. 2 4 1 6 7 5 3                    c. 5 1 2 6 7 3 4

     b. 5 7 2 1 5 3 4                   d. 2 1 5 6 7 4 3


For questions 30 to 33 ,read the following text and choose the best words to complete it


My Football Experience

     When I was in Junior high school, I really . . . 30  football. Every Saturday afternoon I . . . 31  in school field with my team and my coach. They were strong and smart players. My coach, Mr Sentana was a kind person . But, while he was coaching us , he was very discipline . He would grounded anyone who . . . 32  late and not . . . 33  the team’s rules

30. a knew                       c. loved

      b. like                         d. disliked


31. a. practiced               c. played

       b. studied                  d. came


32. a. come                      c. came

       b. coming                  d. comes


33. a. obeyed                  c. saw

       b. followed               d. plyed


Read the text, and answer questions 34 to 36


Lena   : What’s that in the box over there ?

Moni  : Oh, that’s my old comics. I want to give   

              Them to my kids next door.

Lena  : May I have some ?

Moni  : Of course ! Take as many as you like .

             I have read them all

34. What does Lena do in the dialogue above ?

   a. Offering help

   b. Asking for something

   c. Giving opinion

   d. Refusing to do something


35. What is Moni going to do with her old

       Comics ?

a.       Lend them to Lena

b.      Throw them to Lena

c.       Give them to the kids next door

d.      Read them together with Lena

36’ I want to give them to my kids next door ‘

     The underlined word refers to . . .

   a.Lena and Moni           c. Comics

   b. My kids                       d. Box


37.Army : What are you doing here ?

     Fendy : I have to bring this bag but

                   I can’t do it alone

    Army   : Well, . . .

    Fendy  : Thank you so much. I’m lucky

                    You’re here

    A . Let me help you

    b.  Nobody help you now

    c.  I need your help, I think

    d. Give me a hand, will you


38. Reza  : I think we are having a long dry

                   Season this year

      Vera   : . . . No one knows when it will ending

      a. I think so                 c. That’s good idea

      b. I don’t think so      d. Don’t you think so


39. Shinta  : Hi, Lita

       Lita       : Hi, Shinta

       Shinta  : We’re having a party for my

                       Brother, Farhan. . . .

       Lita       : I’d love to. Thanks

       a .Would you like to come

       b. Would you like to help me

       c. Do you like it ?

       d. Please, come with me


40. Putri  : Would you mind going to have

                    Camping with us next weekend ?

      Ayu    : I’m sorry I can’t

      Putri  : How about going to fishing at the sea

      Ayu    : Yes, I’d love to

      What does the underlined expression mean?

      a.Asking for help                 c. Refusing invitation

      b. Accepting invitation  d. Giving suggesti

Read the text,and answer questions 41 to 44

Last Friday , a friend of mine asked me to accompany him to buy a new shirt at a department store. We left the house at 3 p.m by motorcycle. As soon as we arrived there, we went to the clothes section. I left him choose the shirt. But an hour later, I felt bored just watching him confused in choosing the shirt so I left him and went to the cassette counter. Then thirty minutes later I went back to the clothes section but I couldn’t find him there. I went to the parking area. I saw his motorcycle was still there but I couldn’t find him . I waited for him for a few moments then finally I gave up and decided to go home by bus after attaching a message on his motorcycle.

41. What did the writer and his friend visit first

      In department store ?

  A .Clothes section             c. Parking area

  b. Cassette counter          d. Book store


42. The text above is about . . .

  A .losing a frind                  c. buying a new shirt

  b. hanging out in a mall  d. going by motorcycle


43. I couldn’t find him there [ line 10 ]

      The underlined word refers to . . .

  a. Department store        c. Clothes section

  b. Parking area                 d. Cassette counter


44. From the text above, we know that finally

      The writer . . .

  a. met his friend in the parking area

  b. touched his friend’s motorcycle

  c. rode his friend’s motorcycle

  d. went home alone


Read the text, and answer questions 45 to 47

Find the correct spelling and pronunciation

       More than 80.000 words with this

            Electronic dictionary

               Made of strong plastics

                Comes in two colours:

                 Dark grey and light blue

                     $ 104.50

45. What is being advertised in the text above ?

  A .A strong plastic         c. A complete dictionary

  B A correct spelling   d. An electronic dictionary

46. From the advertisement above, we know

       That . . .

a.       The item comes in many colours

b.      The price of the item is Rp 104.500

c.       One of the item’ colours is ark

d.      There are more than 80.000 words in the item

47.younotin thank   forareasmoking

        1        2       3       4            5        6             7



    The best arrangement to make a sentence is .

a.       5 – 1 – 2 -7 – 3 – 8 – 6 – 4

b.      5 – 2  – 1 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 6 -4

c.       4 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 6

d.      4 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 7 – 8 – 6  – 3

For questions 48 to 50, choose the best answer based on the following table








   60 milion

   75 milion

   130 milion

   150 milion

   200 milion

48. There are . . . people in Rusia than in      Germany

   a.More                    c. Fewest

   b. Many                   d. smaller


49. Which country has the smallest population ?

   a.France                  c. Japan

   b. Germany             d. Russia


50. Based on the table, Indonesia has the . . .


   a. least                        c. fewest

   b. lowest                    d. most





                      <   GOOD LUCK  >


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